Autopsy presentation for the 2023 USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Reno

Lions Club Presentations

Here is the list of presentations I do for Lions Clubs.

Each presentation has optional audio and video components.

Each presentation takes about one hour. If necessary, I can do each presentation in 45 minutes. If you want to record my presentations, I give you permission. Please feel free to do so!

  • Title: An Autopsy of a Deceased Lions Club (Why Lions Clubs Die)
    • Synopsis: Understanding the reasons why Lions Clubs die, as well as some possible solutions.
    • Outline:
      • Introduction
        • Obituary for The (fictitious) Likeable Lions Club
        • Why do we read obituaries?
      • A brief history of MD-xx
      • MD-xx overview of deceased clubs
      • Webster’s eight reasons why Lions Clubs die
      • Survey results
        • Why does a Lion not attend meetings?
        • Why would a Lion quit a club?
        • Why do some long-tenured members refuse changes to help their club survive or thrive?
        • Why do some long-tenured members seem fixated on their club’s past?
        • Why does it seem newer members have such a short tenure?
        • What can a club do to look more like the community it serves?
        • Why do you think a Lions Club dies?
      • Conclusion #1
      • Conclusion #2
      • Conclusion #3
      • Quotable Quotes
    • Handout available: Yes
    • ¬†Notes:
      • This is the presentation for which I am known best.
      • I customize the history and membership data for the District, Multiple District, or Organization that requests this presentation.

  • Title: Building Healthy, Successful Clubs
    • Synopsis: A review of healthy and successful clubs and how the clubs built and maintained their health and success.
    • Outline:
      • Introduction
      • Definitions
        • What is a healthy club?
        • What is a successful club?
      • What do Lions Say is a Healthy Club?
      • What do Lions Say is a Successful Club?
      • Clubs in Review
      • Club 1
      • Club 2
      • Club 3 (if time allows)
      • Club 4 (if time allows)
      • How Did We Do?
        • What do Lions Say is a Healthy Club?
        • What do Lions Say is a Successful Club?
        • Why do you think a Lions Club dies? (From the¬†Autopsy presentation)
      • Things to Consider
    • Handout available: Yes